Roy Nyberg
Research Fellow
at George Mason University

George Mason University

United States

Expert in:

Policy Technology Energy Water Processes Construction Mobility ICT

More about this expert:

Passion Solving actual urban problems, by finding non-obvious solutions and by taking advantage of the possibilities of information technologies. Thinking strategies for circumstances of meagre resources, whether in entrepreneurship or project work. How did I become me I spent first 8 years by managing both technology implementation and strategy projects in large and medium sized organisations, and as a start-up entrepreneur. In the last 10 years, in academia, I obtained an MSc and PhD from Oxford on organisation and management theory, with my research focusing on how organisations, public and private, use digital technologies to reorganise sectors, as well as their own operations. For the past three years I have been conducting research on smart cities in different countries, with a focus on issues such as the dynamics of system building, reorganisation vs. optimisation, digital transformation, and information infrastructures. The problems I solve I analyse what groups of organisations do, in order to understand better whether the organisations’ strategies and actions produce the outcomes they are aiming for, and in the aggregate for the society as a whole. These insights contribute to the broader understanding of what are the challenges of reorganising cities with digital technologies. These end up often being problems of organising and management, rather than merely technology, thus requiring extensive attention and analysis of what organisations do. More thoughts on these in a blog on smart cities, innovation, etc.: