Anna Pakkala
Co-Founder & Consultant
at Pure Growth Innovations Oy

Pure Growth Innovations Oy
Private company


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Finance Technology Environment Energy Water Air Processes

More about this expert:

I get excited when I work with ways to reduce environmental footprints through innovative business solutions. In my daily work I wear two hats: as Co-Founder at Pure Growth Innovations, I help businesses experiment with sustainability, with a focus on energy transitions, circular economy and innovation management. As Head of Sustainability at Slush, I put together the puzzle that is sustainability in operations while solving daily real-life challenges associated with implementing sustainability. I've advanced my understanding of sustainability in my studies in Creative Sustainability at Aalto University School of Business, centered around a design and systems thinking approach. There I developed further expertise in energy issues with a minor in Energy Studies and a thesis on renewable energy adoption by non-industrial companies. My earlier Bachelor's studies in Marketing and Film Studies from Montreal's Concordia University further allow me to bring perspective on the communications strategies and business case for sustainability. Professionally I've spent a number of years working in business development, sales & marketing and project management in the Canadian film industry, including amassing over 10 years of customer service volunteer experience in high profile events such as the Sundance Film Festival. I'm accustomed to navigating new settings, having spent most of my life skipping between continents and cultures, including living in Finland, Canada and the US. My superpowers include multidisciplinary project management and development, business modelling and customer experience development, and energy assessments.