Ari Hynynen
at Tampere University of Technology, Seinäjoki Urban Laboratory

Tampere University of Technology, Seinäjoki Urban Laboratory


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Society Technology Design Environment Construction

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Ari Hynynen is Professor of Architectural and Urban Research (Alvar Aalto Chair) at Tampere University of Technology (TUT), Laboratory of Architecture. He has been the director of the Seinäjoki Urban Laboratory since 2009. In his doctoral dissertation from the year 2000, Hynynen studied local potential of urban planning from the standpoint of ecological modernisation. His post-doctoral research 2001-2004 dealt with issues of spatial integration of immigrants in urban contexts. 2005-2009 Hynynen was the co-founder and leader of TUT’s EDGE laboratory, which is specialised in analysing and modelling urban structures and processes by using GIS methods and developing new ones. In his recent work, Hynynen has explored topical issues of urban and regional development, and he has led several projects and consortiums as a principal investigator. His publications cover a wide range of topics from Alvar Aalto’s design approach to the development of railway station areas.