Anna Törnroos-Remes
Postdoctoral Scientist
at Åbo Akademi University / Centre for Ocean Life, DTU-Aqua

Åbo Akademi University / Centre for Ocean Life, DTU-Aqua


Expert in:

Policy Society Technology Design Environment Water

More about this expert:

My professional and private passion is the sea and the creatures living in it. As a marine ecologist, I am working with understanding how we change and can mitigate changes to the biodiversity and functioning of the coastal and underwater ecosystem in the Baltic Sea. One of my key challenges is how I convey the scientific knowledge and the problems facing the Baltic Sea to society, and how I can be part of shifting opinion that reaches the policy table. Apart from the underwater world itself, I am inspired by the unique governance and knowledge base of the Baltic Sea, created and upheld by scientists, engineers and stakeholders. This cocktail of environmental services, challenges, users and governing systems linked to the Baltic Sea, is what motivates me and our team to create more empowered ways to foster and communicate the Baltic Sea diversity of nature and culture as well as its problems and solutions in order to safeguard it for future generations.