Timo Majala
Director, partner
at Nodeon Finland Oy

Nodeon Finland Oy
Private company


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Technology Mobility ICT

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Passionate and interdisciplinary approach to business. Can’t help it but find myself constantly in the middle of intense discussions about subjects like business strategies, ethical aspects of the entrepreneurship, purpose of documentation as well as quality and business processes. What comes to the documentation some might even call me a nitpicker, and to be honest, they may even be right. In spite of a strong humanistic approach to business I have over 20 years long and versatile history of work and entrepreneurship from various technology business segments, such as smart traffic (ITS), B2B software business, consulting IT administration organizations and teleoperator business. Just to pick one ITS business sector has been the closest to my heart, from where I have experience already from the late 90's, and more than 10 years as entrepreneur. I would like to express myself as a lifelong learner. My advice to students, especially aiming for entrepreneurship as a career choice, is to try to include versatile interdisciplinary minors to your curriculum. Good topics might be work psychology, philosophy, accounting and communications.