David Frise
Head of Sustainability
at Building & Engineering Services Association

Building & Engineering Services Association
Nongovernmental organization

United Kingdom

Expert in:

Policy Technology Design Environment Energy Water Air Materials Construction

More about this expert:

Passion Innovation in the built environment. What will the impact of digitalization be on how we design, build, operate and use our buildings? In particular the use of Building Information Modeling BIM. I’m interested in closing the performance gap, so that buildings operate as designed in energy and carbon terms. How did I become me? I’m a former nuclear submariner with a background in Mechanical & Electrical contracting. Operating as a system integrator for building services including renewable energy technologies. I sit on the board of the National Skills Academy for Environmental Technologies, and run BIM4FitOut and BIM4BuildingServices industry groups. I can help companies with innovative products and services with their business development in the UK.