Elina Grigoriou
at Grigoriou Interiors

Grigoriou Interiors
Private company

United Kingdom

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Design Environment Energy Water Air Materials Processes Construction

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What I do? Sustainable design for commercial spaces. What I'm passionate about? The belief that you don't have to compromise on style to achieve true sustainability – or vice versa; they are integral parts of the same solution. Where I find inspiration? Everywhere! The essence of a project is defined by our clients’ needs and their vision. From there, design solutions are informed by things that have inspired me – and that could be a postcard, theatre tickets, poison ivy or graffiti on a wall! What do I solve? In addition to having an eye for aesthetics, I'm also an expert on the technical side of sustainability. Unusually for an Interior Designer, I'm a RICS Ska Rating Development Partner and assessor, which means I’m at the heart of the latest industry developments and initiatives regarding sustainability and as such able to provide solutions based on the latest knowledge. I'm also an expert in wellbeing in interiors – turning indoor spaces into positive influences on individual people, businesses and society.