Riina Toikko
Owner, Interior Designer
at TilaInterior // KestäväTila™

TilaInterior // KestäväTila™
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Passion Sustainable // healthy // profitable interior spaces How did I become me? In my former teacher profession (M.Ed.), I experienced how vastly the indoor spaces we spend 90% of our time in are making people sick. At the same time buildings are the biggest polluters. When studying a new profession, interior design, it was crystal clear that the basics of my work are sustainability and promoting well-being. I'm a LEED® Green Associate and I've done my thesis on green interior design. I work with companies, public sector and private clients in new construction, renovation/repair and consulting. The problems I solve In designing "better interior spaces" I tailor sustainable solutions to the clients' needs and implement them in all areas of interior design: layout, lighting, materials and furniture, e.g. optimal use of space, sustainable materials, energy saving, good indoor air quality and lower life cycle costs. Often co-operation with a multidisciplinary team of other green building professionals offers the most beneficial integrated solutions.