Harri Sieppi
at Citrus Solutions

Citrus Solutions
Private company


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Society Technology Design Environment Materials Construction Mobility ICT

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Passion Empowering companies with the latest ICT solutions for solving today’s problems. I believe that we can create competitive advantage through green, highly value added and mass customized products for a global market. My journey to Solved I'm truly an outlier in the field of ICT. I have never studied the subject and I even didn't know that I would end up working in the sector. I studied Business, Social and Behavioral Sciences back in School. However I ended up working in ICT about 7 years ago. I'm the go to guy when you need to look into a subject outside the box and invent something new. For the last three years I've been building mobile services for big media and retail companies. What problems do I solve? Last year I joined Citrus as a Director and after one month I decided that we should join Cleantech Finland. Today I'm helping manufacturing industries to track emissions of a single product, create automatically responsibility reports for quotes and reduce material losses. So I'm digitizing and automating manufacturing, all this in a greener way.