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Policy Law Energy Construction

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I enjoy getting to grips with unfamiliar business areas and discovering 'unknown unknowns', being able to match and sometimes exceed the expertise of incumbents and then share the insights. How did I become me ? My education in classics and political philosophy defines my approach: I am a generalist with a keen ability to take on new issues and I know that conceptualizing available alternatives is often the best way to find solutions. I have been working in business consulting for over six years now, first for Finpro and then as independent consultant in the company I founded. My greatest inspiration to understand energy issues came from reading Daniel Yergin's book 'The Prize'. After that, I had the good luck of meeting Arto Nuorkivi, with whom I collaborated on a district heating study covering Eastern Europe. Arto introduced me to the technical aspects of district heating, after which Finnish achievements in the field became apparent. Since then, I have been involved in various projects which involve application of Finnish district heating technologies in other countries. The problems I solve District heating issues, energy policy and regulation, subcontracting in energy infrastructure, sales.