Tommi Eskelinen
Head of Department, Urban Traffic
at Sito

Private company


Expert in:

Technology Design Environment Processes Construction Mobility ICT

More about this expert:

Passion Tommi is eager to solve and develop reconciliation of land use and traffic planning. He has knowledge and experience about latest planning and realisation used in Finland and Europe. He sees that reconciliation of land use and traffic planning will become more and more important as urbanization speeds up all over the world. How did I become me? Tommi graduated as bachelor of science from South Carelia Polytechnic Lappeenranta with civil engineering and traffic planning being the main subject. Today he works as a head of unit for Sito urban traffic. He has an experience over 10 years in various land use and traffic planning projects. He has also experience in export projects in China and he works also as China export manager. The problems I solve Reconciliation of land use and traffic planning including: strategic plans, city plans, urban design, traffic studies, traffic planning etc. Sito's services cover all infrastructure consulting services needed.