Kirsi Saloranta
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Finance Society Environment Processes

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Passion To establish partnerships between different actors in the society in order to co-create concepts, products, businesses that make the world a better place to live in. How did I become me? As a passionate hiker and nature lover I have grown up wanting to save our planet. I have hold various positions of trust in different NGO’s throughout my career, advancing the issues I believe in. I have worked in media, marketing agencies, NGO’s and as an independent consultant building brands, concepts and improving business procedures. Always focusing on customers’ and stakeholders’ expectations, where sustainability plays a bigger and bigger role. I have worked with companies and organizations from various fields, from energy and construction to consumer services. I am a Communications graduate from the Aalto University School of Economics. The problems I solve Advocacy, fundraising, branding, marketing and business concepts, stakeholder engagement, CSR communications, partnerships.