Janne Koivisto
Assitant Director
at Helsinki Region Chamber of Commerce

Helsinki Region Chamber of Commerce
Nongovernmental organization


Expert in:

Law Materials Processes

More about this expert:

Passion Currently I work for the Helsinki Region Chamber of Commerce. There I run an Enterprise Europe Network unit helping SMEs in going international, getting access to finance and finding business partners. I also act as a legal counsel. Prior to that I was working as a consultant for SMEs and industry on environmental law and waste recycling. How did I become me? In my present job at the Chamber I advice companies in legal matters mainly related to international business. I am also involved in the work of promoting the interest of trade and industry in the field of environmental law and decision-making. I have worked as an environmental consultant/entrepreneur and have experience in various environmental issues. These include environmental legislation, management and material efficiency. The problems I solve I have degrees both in law (LL.M.) and engineering (B.Sc.). My speciality areas include EU & Finnish Environmental Law, Environmental Management, Internationalization of SMEs and Access to finance.