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Passion Renewable energy, cleantech, sustainability, application of new technologies, innovation management How did I become me? I am a German national. I hold a M.Sc. degree in Power Plant Engineering as well as a MBA. I have a long background in the energy business - as commissioning manager, project director, sales manager and general manager. In the recent years I have been working with strategic development, innovation management and sustainability related issues. I find the energy industry very exciting as literally nothing works without secure energy (and water) supply. Unfortunately, the energy industry is driven by three needs: to lower environmental impact, to keep energy costs competitive, and to maintain the security of energy supply. Together, they form a challenging "trilemma". Thus, the energy industry is not only faced with technical problems but with political and social challenges. A great field to work in, I think! The problems I solve Extensive international experience in strategic and operational tasks. I can support in strategic planning, project and business development, project and risk management, product development, idea and innovation management.