Ross Harding
Founder & Executive Director
at Finding Infinity

Finding Infinity
Private company


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Finance Design Environment Energy Water Materials Processes Mobility

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Passion Finding, communicating and helping to implement solutions to create a future based on infinite resources. There are so many financially viable solutions available today, I am passionate about finding and filling the gaps between the available technology and implementation. I grew up with a strong influence of art and architecture and I like to find the connection between sustainability and design, not simply to focus on technical and financial solutions, but finding ways of connecting people with these solutions through fun and creativity. My Background After studying mechanical engineering and finance in Adelaide Australia I went to Stockholm's KTH to study sustainable energy engineering and work with Sweco. I went back to Sydney and got a job with the founder of the Australian and World Green Building Council, Che Wall, as the specialist upfront creative sustainability section of WSP called Built Ecology. My specialty was using building science combined with financial analysis to identify cost effective initiatives in the design phase of buildings to be implemented in the construction and operation. I worked in the field of Building Services consulting for 7 years on projects with architecture firms such as Fosters + Partners, Atelier Jean Nouvel, Grimshaw Architects, Adjaye Associates, Laboratory for Visionary Architecture in countries such as Australia, UK, Libya, China, South Korea, New Zealand, Sweden, Mexico & USA. In 2009 I founded Finding Infinity, connecting technical and financial consulting with communications such a social media, film and events. Finding Infinity has been involved in projects such a Luz Sustentable (Mexician Energy efficiency campaign switching 23 Million Light bulbs in 6 Months), Design Hotels is Finding Infinity (CSR Strategy for Design Hotels), Laax is Finding Infinity (Self sufficiency strategy for a Swiss Ski Resort) and numerous other unique projects. The problems I solve I specialize in upfront holistic design concepts for self sufficiency strategies including energy, water, waste, food and transport. I also solve problems with communicating these concepts to important stakeholders that need to buy into the vision using a narrative and various tools to inspire more and more involvement.