Ian Bennett
Aerosol Engineer (Chief Cook and Bottle Washer)
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United Kingdom

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I am an aerosol engineer. I am passionate about the need to use relevant technology and techniques to characterise the aerosols present in our environment, both natural and anthropogenic. So much emphasis is placed on choosing a particular technique whilst far too little attention is paid to either delivering a relevant sample to that system, or to the relevance of that measurement to the problem we are trying to assess. I started out modeling industrial atmospheres (for real, not in a computer), including aerosols so that their toxic effects could be determined and controlled. To model an atmosphere you need to understand both it’s chemistry and it’s physics. I spent a lot of time measuring many different parameters to properly understand the chemical as well as the physical dynamics of the system I was developing. Eventually my studies lead to me being awarded my M. Phil. in Chemical Engineering from the University of the South Bank in London. In my early career the main focus of aerosol science was on those particles with MMAD greater than say 0.5 micron, but over time the emphasis has definitely shifted from this size range to the one below it, extending down to only a few nanometers. At the same time it was realised that mass concentrations were no longer adequately tracking the health effects attributed to poor air quality. New metrics such as particle surface are and number, and diffusion mobility gained in importance and relevance. During this time I was marketing aerosol characterisation technologies into many different scenarios including urban air quality, tropospheric aerosol research, automotive emissions, industrial emissions and aerosols aimed at respiratory therapy. Bio-aerosols and their use as weapons became a significant cause for concern and I was involved in the development and deployment of intelligent monitoring systems capable of detecting changes in the nature of different fractions of an aerosol. I still work in aerosol science. I have carried out applications reviews for commercial organisations, for government departments and collaborated in research programmes with a number of universities and research organisations. In essence, I am expert in making sure that aerosol science is properly applied in a controlled, relevant and robust manner across a range of applications, scenarios and problems.