Erik van Dijk
Expert on Waste
at Royal Haskoning DHV

Royal Haskoning DHV


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Erik van Dijk is a versatile raw material engineer with a strong focus on waste. The nature of projects varies widely from contract management to procurement and from acceptance tests (guarantee measurements) to feasibility studies. Energy and the recovery of resources from waste play an essential role in virtually all his projects. He runs and manages projects for both governments and industry. Major customers include waste companies, municipalities, contractors, industrial plants and other governments. The thread in his expertise is the interaction between material properties of ash/biomass/waste and recycling processes or final application of the materials. Erik was educated as an mining engineer specialized on raw material engineering and has been working in the waste and recycling business for 15 years. Specialties: As author of several European standards on waste is specialized in standardized sampling. This knowledge is applied in for example (designing) acceptance tests and the characterization of waste separation processes.