Gaurav Shukla
Senior Executive - Technology
at Crompton Greaves Global Research and Development Center

Crompton Greaves Global Research and Development Center
Private company


Expert in:

Policy Technology Energy Materials

More about this expert:

I am interested in developing new materials which will help in making devices smarter, more energy efficient, eco-friendly and sustainable. As of now, I am engaged in developing energy storage materials for grid level storage applications. Developing commercially viable, highly efficient and reliable storage solutions remain a challenge and my research efforts in alignment with my organization is directed towards solving it. Apart from energy storage applications, I have always been interested in optical materials, had my Ph.D. on development of II-VI oxides and III-V nitrides for opto-electronic applications, and have been working on light emitting diodes, OLEDs, phosphors and related lighting solutions. Another challenging area of interest which is directed towards developing energy efficient motors is development of rare-earth free permanent magnets for which we have just initiated our research efforts in collaboration with top technological institutions within India.