Tapani Särkkä
Senior Consultant

Private company


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Policy Society Technology Environment Mobility

More about this expert:

My passion is to find out why the things work as they do. How activities interact with each other, what is the demand for communication and transport, what are the consequences, how to model the system as simply as possible (but not simpler). I started as a consultant in the regional office of SKOY. It gave me good understanding of the local issues. Then I moved for 4 years to the Finnish Ministry of Communications and Transport where I was involved with matters of public transport and freight transport. I got very well acquainted with the topics themselves and with the policies on national level. After that I was asked to start as an export engineer at Finnmap Oy. I was in charge of the home office for foreign operations in the Middle East and of marketing to development banks and organizations (like WB, ADB,IDB, UNDP). Gradually I moved towards my professional background and was in charge of the transport planning department working with software and modeling, forecasts and analysis. After 10 years at Finnmap, I started with the key persons our own company, Matrex Oy, specializing in transport models and software. We sold software and did projects in Finland, Portugal and Russia. I was involved with many EU-projects and assignments and developed comprehensive freight transport (and logistics) models for the whole Europe, which are still in use. Some three years ago we sold Matrex to SITO Oy. I work now as a senior consultant at SITO, responsible for the modeling and forecasts, transferring know-how to younger consultants. During my career, I have created excellent contacts to colleagues both in Finland and abroad. Recently, I have worked on the issues of road and congestion pricing. Typically, I try to estimate and find robust and understandable models for forecasting transport demand and related analysis of new infrastructure, of new transport policies, of new public transport services, of new land use policy etc. Also: what would be the most effective way to achieve the stated policies and goals, regarding the whole transportation system.