Helena Prokova Malisova
Project Manager
at EkoFond

State owned company


Expert in:

Society Technology Environment Energy Processes

More about this expert:

My Passion Exploring new fields and issues, being exposed to divers social and cultural environments and conceptualizing new ideas and projects that are based on the multidisciplinary approach. Always look at the bright side of life. Beekeeping is my passion and hobby – world of honeybees as a social super-organism has always held a fascination for me. How did I become me? From my early childhood to teenage I was passionate by practicing various styles of dances. Nevertheless I studied international economics and management at University Aix-Marseille III (France) and Stockholm University (Sweden). Between end of 2004 and 2009 I was affiliated with the Centre for Sustainability at ETH Zurich where I was responsible for organizing and facilitating international and multidisciplinary summer education academies in Switzerland, Slovakia, Austria, Serbia and India. I took 4 more years to complete my doctoral studies to develop and apply a model of holistic brand building with a special interest in environmental issues. This study has opened for me new working opportunities as a CSR manager in a big Slovak energy company SPP, a.s. where I develop and implement in the partnership with various stakeholders projects in energy efficiency and environment. I have been also working on creating several multimedia IT platform that focus on energy, energy efficiency and energy technologies addressing students at all education levels. The problems I solve I have managed a multidisciplinary team for development of a 4-year vocational programme Technician for Energy Efficient Technologies of Buildings, which is a unique study in Slovakia. New professional workshops with the latest technologies were installed for the acquiring practical skills. Students become technicians of progressive technologies that use combination of gas and renewable energy sources. The projects I have been working on involved dealing with many issues, including technical, financial and marketing. EkoFond, is a non investment fund, established and own by SPP, a.s. (Slovak Gas Company).