Rajnish Ahuja
Associate Fellow
at Think Tank

Think Tank
Nongovernmental organization


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Policy Society Technology Environment Energy Mobility ICT

More about this expert:

Passion Working on research projects related to energy policy, sustainable energy, sustainable cities, sustainable mobility and energy modelling. Networking with entrepreneurs, researchers or academicians in clean tech area. How did I become me? I have worked within energy sector for more than 6 years, into domains like Renewable Energy Policy, Air Quality, Electric Vehicles, Fuel Cells, Sustainability and Climate Change. I have worked with Asian and Pacific Center for Transfer of Technology - United Nations to create a directory of Renewable Energy organizations in the Asia Pacific. Geographically, I have worked in Luxembourg for European Investment Bank on a Carbon Foot Printing Assignment. I have a Masters in Business Administration specializing in Energy and graduated as a Mechanical Engineer. The problems I solve I manage tasks like, Market Research into Clean Energy Sector, Techno-Commercial analysis for Renewable Energy Initiatives, Formulation of reports on fuel cells, market research for renewable energy and climate change, Policy briefs in the field of Renewable Energy, Budget and cost estimation, Proposal writing. Analysis of index for sustainable cities.