Iivo Vehviläinen
Business Director
at Gaia

Private company


Expert in:

Policy Finance Society Technology Environment Energy Air Processes

More about this expert:

Passion Innovative solutions for sustainability is what gets me going each day. My kicks come out from creating customer impact , and from solving their problems. How did I become me? Leading the energy and climate solutions consultancy at Gaia Consulting feels just right for me. I have worked extensively in business development and analysis especially in sustainable energy. I have engaged in the practical analysis of organizations, markets, and policies, and in theoretical development of novel analysis methodologies. I worked almost ten year for the major Finnish utility, Fortum, with energy generation, trading, and risk management, providing support to the top management of the company. For my analytical side, I got a doctor of science degree in applied financial mathematics from the Aalto University. The problems I solve I do management consultancy, strategy development, policy and market analysis, and also economic and financial analysis. I know energy efficiency, renewable energy, energy markets, energy systems, cleantech and more broadly all things sustainable.