Željko Bošković
Product Manager
at Aller Media

Aller Media
Private company


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Passion Responding to complex challenges with surpassingly simple solutions and elegant concept design is hallmark of his work. Successfully able to marry financial and environmental benefits. How did I become me? At Bravioz, Bošković is responsible for concept design, achieving long term competitive advantage and securing intellectual properties. Award winning GreenRiders, shared transportation solution with patent pending (in Finland and US) is brainchild of Bravioz. Working with multinational corporations with responsibilities for numerous global, mission critical online solutions from both sides of the Atlantic. Bošković holds Masters degree in Mathematics & Computer Science. The problems I solve Achieving business goals while meeting stakeholders expectations with respect to social responsibilities is major challenge facing many global corporations.Thanks to his in-depth knowledge of complex corporate environments, environmental reporting and ability to identify solutions Bošković is supporting corporations to achieve that tall task.