Akseli Koskela
Independent Consultant
at OAS, Unesco, Finnpartnership, Chilean Chamber of Commerce

OAS, Unesco, Finnpartnership, Chilean Chamber of Commerce
Governmental organization


Expert in:

Policy Law Society Environment Energy Air Mobility

More about this expert:

I'm a multilingual trade barrier expert from Finland, now on leave from the Ministry of Employment and the Economy. My mission is to build cleaner and environmentally friendly, smart economy in the medium-developed world. At the moment my world is Chile. Here I see no boundaries for cleantech to grow. The politicians in different levels are seeking for possibilities as the energy resources are scarce. Only the private sector is lagging behind. Chile is in a level where it can no longer be considered as a developing country, yet it has a long way to go for modern industrial economy. I have lived here for about year and in that time I have succeeded in knowing a great number of entrepreneurs, organisations and linkages that could help the cleantech to be better settled in Chile.