Ulla Heinonen
Business Manager, Sustainability
at CGI Suomi

CGI Suomi
Private company


Expert in:

Technology Environment Energy Water Air Processes Mobility ICT

More about this expert:

Passion Improve environmental and social sustainability - step by step, project by project. How did I become me? I have over ten years experience in environmental management and research work. I have been involved in various projects and programmes related to sustainability - mostly with water resources management, climate change, urban development, major events and IT. I have worked with Aalto University, UN-HABITAT, UNEP, Finnish Environment Institute, Helsinki Environment Centre and Ministry for Foreign Affairs. Geographically I have practical experience from Southeast Asia, South Africa and Europe. I have a PhD in Environmental Engineering and strong background in consulting and continuing education. The problems I solve Today, I lead the sustainability practice in CGI as well as the company's internal sustainability work in Finland. CGI supports our customers' sustainability work by IT-tools and consulting. We integrate sustainability and IT offering and provide environmental calculators, traceability and green IT.