Henrik Rundgren
at Chromafora

Private company


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Finance Technology Environment Energy Water Processes

More about this expert:

Passion Solid interest in new technology and innovations. To be involved with solutions for a better environment and sustainability. Commercialize innovations. How I did become me? 13 years of experience from various projects, ranging from efficiency projects (LEAN, corporate strategy and process) to pure investments projects (construction of pharma facilities, automation etc.). Before joining Chromafora I worked at Pharmadule and AstraZeneca. My experience from research and operations enables me to bridge the worlds of financing and development. My educations are Master in Chemical Engineering and Ph. Lic in Physical Chemistry. The problems that I solve To understand an innovation, its possibilities and to develop a strategy and business models. Translate the strategy into actions and prioritization's between them. Throughout the years I have gained a global network of experts and good people.