Feraldi W Loeis
Senior Consultant
at ADIA Consulting

ADIA Consulting
Private company

Denpasar, Jakarta

Expert in:

Policy Finance Law Society ICT

More about this expert:

I am passionate about people and adding value in their lives. With that in mind, I am always interested in being involved with activities and projects that will have real impact in people's lives or their businesses. Because i know my limitations, I am always in the lookout for others that can complement my shortcomings and with whom we can do greater accomplishments. I am well traveled and I interact well with people from around the world. I speak English and French fluently, whereas Bahasa Indonesia (the Indonesian Language) is my mother tongue. I have lived in the US for 17 years, lived in Canada in my early childhood, spent more than four years late in elementary school and early Junior High School in France and have extensively traveled in Western Europe and in Asia, and have been to Australia. I have interacted with people from all over the world in school and professionally, for I have managed programs and projects at the World Bank and for donor organizations as a development professional. Educated as an engineer, who went on to get an MBA, I am able to see and use numbers beyond the surface value for I am able to understand the interaction between numbers and potentially what they can convey through their relations. Most importantly, what I might be able to add value to a group of highly educated and experienced people in Europe, especially from Finland, is to provide access to a potentially large market, Indonesia, that is in need for access to solutions, to the various challenges and problems that it is facing. I am Indonesia and have worked managing businesses and programs throughout Indonesia. I have been in Finland for two months, but I am fortunate for I have spent those two months among Finns and in direct contact and living among Finns. My experience living and studying outside of Indonesia and now living in Finland makes me feel that Finland and Indonesia can be very good partners of each other for we complement each other. Finland has achieved prominence in science, technology, and education. Whereas Indonesia is a large and growing country in market size and in need as well as economic capability, needing of what Finland can offer. In addition, Indonesians can very much learn from the Finns on how to live in peace, with moderation, and in a socially equitable manner that benefits all members of society, as Finns have been able to do. For those reasons, I look forward to working with professionals as part of Solved in solving the challenges, problems, and needs of companies all over the world.