Valery Vakulenko
President / Owner
at Innovative Centre of Eco-Development "ECOESTATE"

Innovative Centre of Eco-Development "ECOESTATE"
Nongovernmental organization

St. Petersburg / Sochi

Expert in:

Policy Society Technology Design Environment Energy Processes Construction ICT

More about this expert:

Last many years - main interest and efforts in the business, public, family & private activity are: sustainable development, green building, collaborative consumption, etc. One of the last realized projects is"Bamboo Hutor" - the first ecohotel in Sochi (near Olimpic Park). PhD in economics, CIPS, CCIM (Certified International Specialist for Real Estate and Commercial Investment), etc. Founder and the Head of the Centre of Eco-Development at Pushkin and Pavlovsk (the best surburb of Saint-Petersburg). Founder of Eco-Development Committee and International Relations Committee at Russian Gild of Property Managers and Developers. Founder at RuGBC Working group for Sochi; International Delphic Advisor, etc.