Andrey Livchak
Vice President of Engineering
at Halton

Private company

United States of America

Expert in:

Technology Air Construction

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Passion Dr. Andrey Livchak has 29 years of international experience in the HVAC industry. His expertise covers several areas including air distribution, renewable energy resources, water cooling and heating systems, acoustics, and commercial kitchen ventilation. How did I become me? As the Vice President of Engineering, Dr. Andrey Livchak is leading two Halton research centers in the US and Canada and serves on the advisory panel coordinating Halton global R&D activities in the Foodservice sector. Dr. Andrey Livchak graduated from Moscow Civil Engineering University with Honors in 1983. He received M.Sc. and later Ph.D. degree from this university. He started his career in Moscow as an engineer and later as the Deputy Chief of the HVAC department in the Building Research Center, then joined Halton in Finland where he worked in various engineering and management positions. The problems I solve Dr. Andrey Livchak is an active ASHRAE member working on Room Air Distribution and Kitchen Ventilation committees. He is a member of advisory Board of Mechanical Engineering Department for Western Kentucky University. He has over 50 publications including more than 20 patents and patent applications.