Juha Rautanen
D.Sc. / Senior Consultant
at Freelance Consultant

Freelance Consultant
Private company


Expert in:

Environment Energy Materials Processes

More about this expert:

Mr. Rautanen, Doctor of Agriculture and Forestry, is an experienced expert and senior consultant and product manager in the field of bioenergy and small hydro power. He has been involved in developing a new wood energy advisor network and activating the transformation process of changing oil heated heating plants into wood energy plants. He is also an expert in woodash fertilisation. He has functioned as a project manager, while establishing a new bioenergy network on national and international levels. Rautanen is also an experienced researcher in forest genetics. Mr. Rautanen has also strong marketing background in the field of cleantech. He has been working as a managing director in marketing and developing systems for granulating and recycling of wood ash as a naturally fertilizer from power plants and heating plants back to forest soils. In the role of a marketing manager he has been marketing and developing gasification power plants BIONEER (5-15 MW) for biofuel and RDF (Refuse Derived Fuel) and marketing of Pyroflow (CFB) boilers (5-50 MW). In addition, he has managing experience from paper industry, In which he has been leading the planning of the production for 4 paper machines, and marketing and logistics. He has also functioned as a R&D manager in order to optimize use of big whole trees in forest industry integrates, wood quality management for paper making and for sawmill, energy production from industry wood residuals and forest wood residuals, and wood ash processing for forest fertilizer.