Risto Kosonen
at Halton

Private company


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Air Processes

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Passion Dr. Risto Kosonen specialises on indoor environment quality and energy efficiency of buildings. He has worked several years in technology development, consulting and research projects in private companies and research institutes. How did I become me? Dr.Tech Risto Kosonen works currently as Director of Halton Technology Centre. He is response for long-tern solutions and technology development. He is also response of research co-operation with national and international research partners. He has worked at Halton since 1998 in various research and business development positions. Previously he worked at Olof Granlund Oy (consulting engineering company) and as a Group Manager at VTT research institute. He has also worked as professor (deputy) at Helsinki University of Technology. Dr. Risto Kosonen has published more than 120 on indoor air quality, thermal comfort and energy efficiency. Risto is a REHVA fellow and a member of REHVA technical committee. He is a peer-reviewer of four international journals. The problems I solve Indoor environment quality and energy efficiency of buildings.