Olli Kanerva
Business Consultant / Project Manager
at Trafix

Private company


Expert in:

Society Technology Design Environment Processes Mobility ICT

More about this expert:

Passion Making public transport more fluent and easy to use. Developing new modes of open transport and transport business models and ecosystems. To save natural resources by making public transport more attractive. How did I become me? I have worked within public transport sector over 25 years, mostly related to transport planning, developing planning processes, dynamic passenger information systems and public transport payment systems. I have worked in private public transport companies, in Tampere City Public Transport (Public Transport Authority) and in an international ITC company CGI. So, I have very deep knowledge of the main public transport issues from both sides of the table. The problems I solve At Trafix I manage projects for our customers, manage public purchasing processes, design public transport information and payment systems, design new ways to manage transport services and design business processes. I help our customers to get more value for their business.