Alexander Vestin
Chief Commercial Officer
at Cleanergy

Private company


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Policy Finance Technology Environment Energy

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During the past 5 years I have been privileged to be part of the team who has taken Cleanergy from a partial patent portfolio with 3 employees to a well-established fully industrial company with over 70 employees, producing and delivering Stirling engines on the global market. The pace has been intense and a clear communication of our vision has been essential to attract the funds needed to achieve the task. To date we have attracted over 40 million Euro in external capital. Our Stirling engines have two main applications; a solar powered application and a gas powered application. The latter runs on virtually any burnable gas available. I am responsible for the commercial development of both applications. Our solar power solution is distributed in large system sales (solar parks) directly to end customers while the gas engines are typically distributed by local distribution partners. In our efforts of delivering full scale solar parks based on our Stirling solution, we have established an office of our own in Beijing, China. We currently have a team of 6 employees who focus on marketing on the world’s largest market for renewable energy – China. Furthermore we have established partnerships in a number of countries suitable for large scale solar parks with a focus on the GCC and MENA region. We have a cooperation agreement with both a private company as well as the local water and electricity monopoly in Dubai. This makes us the first private power producer to feed electricity to the Dubai national grid. The demand for local content in many public tender programs has called for identification of and establishment of local sourcing and manufacturing partners as part of the commercial work. For the distribution of our gas application, we have established a network of distribution partners covering most parts of Europe, Russia and North America. Apart from identifying the appropriate distribution partners and agreeing on all terms for the cooperation, we have established training programs for initial and continuing technical training for installation as well as for after-market services on our systems.