Niina Fu
at Team Finland in Chile, Chilean Chamber for Commerce

Team Finland in Chile, Chilean Chamber for Commerce
Private company

Puerto Varas

Expert in:

Policy Finance Technology Environment Energy Water Construction

More about this expert:

Passion Nature, yoga, skiing, reading and green life style in everything that I do. How did I become me? I always have had interest in the world outside of Finland and through my various trips abroad while bag-packing, skiing and studying I decided to turn my passion into my profession. Corporate internationalization in all aspects interest me; from the first steps up to closing bigger deals. The problems I solve Energy and environmental issues (water) are a complex question currently in Chile due to high cost and scarce availability. This has started to affect decision making and investments. The energy sector offers opportunities for companies in solving energetic issues. I am a Finnish consultant based in South of Chile. I have been building bridges between Latin America and Finland over a decade and my main sectors are forestry, mining and energy. I cooperate with both medium and large size companies in the region. My another interest is media and in my projects I seek to maximize the media coverage in the local media. I collaborate closely with several Latin American media channels (TV, newspapers, professional magazines). I collaborate with the Finnish Embassy, Team Finland in Chile, Chamber of Commerce in Chile and various local universities as well as organizations.