Radoslav Mizera
VP & Chief Innovation Officer
at Solved - The Cleantech Company

Solved - The Cleantech Company
Private company


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General Society Energy Mobility ICT

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A cleantech enthusiast, in constant search of knowledge, walking through the rhythm of life... Passion My life has been about cleantech for the past 15 years, and even before that. Basically, I have dedicated my studies and work to this topic, as my biggest passion is to see the transformation of the human culture towards being nature sensitive and anticipative. Nature offers us the perfect design and it is our most important business partner, so let's finally start working with her, creating the ultimate productivity and quality of life. How did I become me? When studying in Vienna, I attended the coolest courses in the area of environmental / ecological economics, climate change or innovations / regional development & competitiveness, which can drive the cleantech transformation. Being alumni member of Oikos (global student organization on promoting sustainability for students of economics and management), YES (Youth Encounter on Sustainability – network operated by such institutions as ETH Zürich, MIT or Tokyo University), BMW Foundation (selected as an young leader), DSA (Deutsche Schülerakademie network under the auspices of the President of Germany), GES+ 2016 participant (Global Entrepreneurship Summit organized under the auspices of the President of the USA, Barack Obama), The Bridge of Future between China and CEE, or as partner of Team Finland in Slovakia, I am more than eager to explore the world of cleantech. The problems I solve Now I am happy being an entrepreneur for the 5th year as Chief Innovation Officer at Solved – The Cleantech Company. Before that, I worked over 8 years as Finpro’s Global Industry Analyst specializing in cleantech markets. Besides active consulting done for the Finnish cleantech SMEs, I was also an active member of the Cleantech Finland team from its very beginning in 2008 – bringing it to the world of social / digital media and co-creating the digital tool Solved. From the industry point of view, I actively deal with questions & topics such as green ICT, sustainable energy and mobility systems, smart cities, etc. Besides my home – Slovakia – I have lived in the USA, China, Austria and my “second home” – Finland. I was also university lector, bachelor thesis supervisor and I liked it!