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Originally from Philippines where water resources are not efficiently managed, I have experienced first-hand how difficult it is to be without a reliable supply of potable water. I have also seen how badly it affects the whole society when wastes are not properly managed. This can be translated to a wider scenario, that even if there are only certain countries heavily polluting our water systems, we will all consequently be affected because we are all part of a system. With extensive industrialization and rapidly rising population, it is vital that our water resources are managed sustainably. This scenario is emphasized especially in developing countries where water management and pollution control are not strongly enforced yet. The trending shift of manufacturing industries to Asia for example adds to the challenge of managing water resources for some of the countries that are already experiencing unsustainable water consumption rates. Fresh water sources are rapidly depleting or becoming unfit for human consumption or inadequate to meet requirements of certain industries. This can greatly impact the food supply chain, public health, energy production, or speedy growth of communities. It would be ideal to incorporate cleantech alongside the expansion of industries and cities. I believe that a multidisciplinary approach on the interdependence between water, food and energy is critical for ensuring the subsistence of future generations. It is important to have cost-effective and highly efficient technologies and solutions for waste management, but a strategy to balance and optimize the supply with the usage is also necessary. With the increasing need for clean water sources, coupled with the serious global issue of water pollution and perhaps climate change, it is essential to have good planning on how our natural resources are managed. I have an academic background in chemical engineering from the University of the Philippines, and D.Sc. (Technology) degree in environmental engineering unit operations from Lappeenranta University of Technology. My specialization is on waste water treatment using advanced oxidation processes. I have worked as a senior process / quality engineer in an electronics manufacturing company, and have actively participated in the ISO certifications both for quality and environmental management systems. My international experiences include working assignments in San Jose (California), Odawara (Japan), Shenzhen (China), as well as a research exchange in Drexel University (Philadelphia), and presenting in international conferences. Perhaps the greatest challenge I have faced in my career is ensuring the proper implementation of new processes and procedures to the manufacturing line. It is one part of the task to come up with a good solution to a certain problem, but to put it into actual operation and achieve the desired target entails thorough education and training of the subordinates, cooperation of other engineers, and learning from previous mistakes. My motivation to pursue my career in sustainable process engineering and environmental technologies is the common concern on how this rapidly evolving modern society is able to cope with solving our increasing environmental challenges. There is a lot of opportunity for cleantech companies to be involved in improving and achieving environmental sustainability, and it would be a privilege for me to be able to contribute to this goal from a scientific and technical perspective.