Aki Salminen
UX Lead
at Senseg Ltd

Senseg Ltd
Private company


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Society Technology Design Environment Mobility ICT

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I'm a problem solver by heart and create usable experiences for people by trade. I have a long background in UX design and usability for mobile phones, from non-touch cheap-phones to full touch ones. I've also designed and tested web services, company processes, internal tools and visual transitions. I spent 2014 happily as a game / UX / graphic designer, producer and recruiter in a mobile game project, so designing business models and customer retention is also familiar to me. Last year has been a step into completely new direction again, working with haptic feedback design at Senseg Ltd If it is a system people use, I'm interested in making it as easy and delightful to use as possible, within the practical limitations of the project - I don't do perfect design, I love efficient design! My own technical background and long experience in working with programmers and other SW project stakeholders makes this natural for me - When you know what takes time in implementation you can design in a way which maximizes the value of that time for the users.