Hannes Huotari
at Corpi

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Technology Energy Processes Construction Mobility ICT

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I work as an entrepreneur. My company is called Corpi Ltd. Corpi Ltd. provides businesses versatile services: - Technology, product and service integration as user-centered consumer experience (service designs and Service Blueprints) - New innovation and concept creation (ideation workshops and concept designs) - Strategy creation, business, sales and internationalization planning (business and internationalization planning) - Competence development, capacity management and subcontracting (operational development planning) - Innovation process, product creation, service management, requirement management, resourcing, ramping (portfolio planning and offering management) - Multisite team leading, software project management, leading product development and product programs in R&D and production (deployments and deliveries) - Agile software development process, product backlog and agile project management (project work development and Product Owner responsibilities) I have a M.Sc. degree in software business, and leadership and organization theory. I have worked for over 10 years in the field of technology development and leadership positions in both large companies (IBM, Nokia, Accenture) as a small business. My experience in all companies and their clients has been that they all need help with products and services and the utilization of a more versatile on the market. With agility, close cooperation with customers and a broad partner network Corpi creates constantly renewing product service packages that will help client companies innovation capability development , increasing sales, operational efficiency, improving the quality and end customer satisfaction.