Katariina Mäkelä
Project Coordinator
at Solved - The Cleantech Company

Solved - The Cleantech Company
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Policy Society Design Environment Processes

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Passion My background and passion is in social sciences: human geography, urban studies and public policy. I am interested in the new ways of working, consuming, living and owning which are transforming our current social and economic systems. I want to promote sustainable growth and higher quality of life, especially addressing the opportunities that smart and clean technologies can provide. I believe that understanding the human motivations that drive the development of environmentally, economically and socially sustainable living environments is crucial for the future of cleantech and circular economy. How did I become me? After completing a Bachelors Degree at University College London, the interest in studying urban environments led me to do a Master's Degree in urban studies and public policy at the University of Helsinki. I did internships for a Centre of Excellence on Social Welfare and Demos Helsinki, a Nordic think tank focusing on resource-wise economy and democracy. The challenges I solve. I have worked with Solved since late 2014 as a project coordinator and facilitator of the Business Lead network. In this time I have worked mostly with local urban development projects and promoting various smart & clean developments in the capital region. I have also been involved in a Tekes report on consumer cleantech and developing green strategy for resorts.