Ferhat Kaya
at University of Helsinki

University of Helsinki


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Policy Society Technology Environment Energy Water Air Processes Construction

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How did I become me? Currently I am a doctoral researcher at the geosciences and geography department in University of Helsinki. My greatest dedication –and it is a challenge at the same time- is implementing green and environment friendly, sustainable and innovative solutions to developing economy of Turkey (both state and private levels). My research and fieldwork have led me to gain a unique perspective on anthropogenic and non-anthropogenic drivers of climate change in terms of human-environmental interactions. I also have a background in anthropology that has deeply enriched my understanding of human interactions between societies, both urban and rural, and the repercussions of these relationships for the environment. Geosciences research has improved my understanding of environment and Earth systems considering sustainably continuation of Earth’s geological processes and climate dynamics (past, contemporary, future). As a geoscientist and anthropologist, I am motivated to use my interdisciplinary knowledge and skills for the development of sustainable societies well adapted to earth processes. The solutions I bring: - Waste water detoxification and purification solutions - Sustainable waste management in mining industries - Environment friendly business solutions; marketing and strategy development - Environmental policy-making in sustainable development; contributions of geosciences and anthropology I am a native of Turkey and have intimate knowledge of the challenges, shortcuts, and background logic of working the Turkish system, something that may seem quite complex to non-natives. My background in anthropology has lead me to gain a unique perspective on Turkish people, their culture and general habits, for a better understanding of targeted demographics or audiences and improving the operation of business models. In this sense, it is my greatest mission to utilize aspects of anthropology and geosciences as a bridge between foreign entrepreneurs and Turkey to build sustainable technologies for an environmentally clean and progressive country and essentially Earth. Hobbies: Mountain biking, music, freelance writer in popular science