Chris Holtslag
Creative Facilitator
at CH Industries

CH Industries
Private company


Expert in:

Policy Finance Law Society Technology Design Environment Energy Water Air Materials Processes Construction Mobility ICT

More about this expert:

My goal is a sustainable society and I believe that creativity can get us there. I am a creative facilitator with a background in industrial design and industrial ecology. My strength is to create new ideas together with other people and empowering them to think outside the box. I believe creativity is a skill that anyone can develop and use to address the issues we face in our increasingly complex world. I have lived and worked in Latin America for over 11 years and have experience in working in international and multidisciplinary teams for a large variety of organizations. I am certified in the De Bono Systems: Lateral Thinking™ creative facilitation. The current and future workforce will require increased creativity, adaptability and communication skills. In my workshops I work on reprogramming our mental software so that we can become better at these topics. After all, a specialist that cannot take a holistic view in business is of no use.