Anne Raudaskoski
Co-Founder & Consultant
at Ethica

Private company


Expert in:

Policy Society Design Environment Water Materials Processes Construction ICT

More about this expert:

Anne is Co-Founder of Ethica, an agency helping companies succeed and find new business opportunities through Circular Economy. Anne has worked in the field of Sustainability in various environments both in Finland, England and the Netherlands. In her role as a Sustainability Manager she kicked-off the university of Westminster's CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) programme from scratch through creating and implementing Sustainability projects both for students and staff, embedding Sustainability in the operations of HR, Estates & Facilities and various Schools within the university, running workshops for the Board of Directors, and coordinating & leading the organisation through a national benchmarking programme called Universities That Count to further Sustainability goals of the university. Anne has also worked in the design sector at the Association for Finnish Work and applies design thinking principles successfully into her current work as a consultant. With a background in the arts, Anne is an experienced facilitator, speaker and writer and she has been blogging on Sustainability since 2008. Her report Boosting Circular Design for a Circular Economy (2015) in collaboration with the Dutch Sustainable Business Association was recognised by the EU Commission and Timmerman's cabinet. She has nearly 20 years' experience on teaching and running workshops. She is a member of the Board at the Environmental Management Association and Setlementtiasunnot Ltd, a construction company and social enterprise. She is also a visiting lecturer at Laurea University of Applied Sciences and RSA Fellow. Apart from design thinking, she is highly interested in futures thinking and harnesses this knowledge for the benefit of Ethica's clients.