Heikki Ojaniemi
Business Development Manager
at Solved - The Cleantech Company

Solved - The Cleantech Company
Private company


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Environment Energy Water Air Processes Mobility

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I have a long and deep experience working in multinational companies Nokia and Microsoft on four decades. I have worked in challenging R&D projects in six different countries, where I worked as an engineer and as a leader of multi-cultural organisations of different sizes. I have also managed development portfolios with the sizes of tens of millions of euros as a Head of Portfolio Management and as a controller of R&D divisions. In the recent times I have had the pleasure of working as the Head Of IT and as a Business Development Manager in Solved - The Clean-tech Company. It fascinates me, how from a global network of professionals teams of top experts can be quickly organised into projects of different sizes to solve challenges of sustainable development. It is especially interesting, how these experts can be provided to the help of those countries and cities in the need with the help of digitalisation. Digitalisation of clean-tech and sustainability expert work is something that in my thinking will change the whole business of doing highly skilled brainwork.  I find smart cities a viable concept as it is about urban development with sustainable agenda, where digitalisation, information and communication technologies and e.g. service design approach are utilised to manage the assets of cities and to develop cities by thinking environmentally positively in all areas. Environmentally positive not only means better utilisation of recourses, circular economy, proper waste management, new forms of energy, energy efficiency, better utilisation of water, etc. It also means involvement of citizens in the development of cities as well as the consideration of local economy, not only as a means but also as a goal. I come from Oulu, Finland - from a city that is widely recognised as a landmark of #SmartCities with many practical implementations of a city being #smart. I am  a certified PMP as well as a certified Member of Board.