Pertti Kauranen
Senior Consultant
at Pirkanmaan Pesti

Pirkanmaan Pesti


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Finance Technology Energy Materials Mobility

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Passion My heart is beating for cleantech start-ups who’s ambition is to make sustainable business out of solving the global grand challenges. I believe in energy efficiency, renewables and zero emission mobility. I love to work with solar energy, energy storage and hydrogen technologies. Finally, I think that we should teach our children about the need for and the possibilities of sustainable technologies. How did I become me? I am an experienced electrochemist and materials scientist with expertise in solar energy, metal-air and flow batteries, fuel cells and hydrogen technology, thermal energy storage as well as carbon and nano materials. I have worked as the Managing Director of a start-up battery company, as a R&D Manager in German chemical industries and as Principal Scientist and Team Leader at VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland. I am a Certified Project Manager with 20 years of experience working with public funding agencies in Finland, Scandinavia, Germany and EU. In addition to my native Finland, I have worked in Germany, Denmark and Hungary. The problems I solve My key expertise is selection, modification and sourcing of materials and components for demanding applications in the energy sector. In addition, I am helping SMEs in networking with universities and research institutes and advising them about public funding opportunities. I am also working with certification bodies for product launch and approval and have been advising NGOs in sustainable low tech solutions.