Jaana Tyynismaa
Business Unit President, Environment (Finland & Sweden)
at Pöyry

Private company


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Policy Society Environment Water

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Passion My passion is doing meaningful work. Sustainability is meaningful. How did I become me? There are different kind of excellence. Mine stems from the more than 20 years working experience consisting of almost 360 decree viewpoint. My educational background as an ecologist provides with an outstanding starting point. I looked the world from the environmental authority point of view for three years in municipal and regional level. I worked more than three years in development countries widening the understanding of the interaction and interdependencies of the standard of living, priorities and differences of those from different social, public and environmental point of views. The last 17 years in the global consulting company in specialist and management level mostly with industrial & energy clients on sustainability issues has put me in an interesting position to study, discuss and understand the complexity of the sustainability. The problems I solve Those related to getting a Social License to operate; That is understanding the nature and magnitude of environmental and social impacts of whatsoever, followed by a roadmap to manage them. Usually the solution is a combination of technical solutions, social&stakeholder intelligence and proactivity.