Klaus Yrjönen
CEO, Senior Advisor
at NC Training and Consulting

NC Training and Consulting
Private company


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Policy Environment Energy Materials

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I am a Finnish forester with profound knowledge of sustainable forestry management and forest based bioeconomy. During my long career I have been working both at national level in Finland and with implementation of the Finnish concepts and knowledge in international environments and projects. My present position is CEO and Senior Consultant in my own company, NC Training and Consulting Ltd. I have been working earlier at NISCluster Ltd (2013-2014) with development and consultancy in bioeconomy, at Forestry Development Centre Tapio (1996-2013) with developing international forestry consulting business and implementation of projects in sustainable forestry management. Between 1988 an 1996 I was employed by a regional Forestry Centre working in with enforcement of the Finnish Forestry Act and training of forest owners and forestry professionals. I started my career by working 4 years at a forestry college with training of forestry professionals as a main duty. As a person I am communicative, cooperative and diplomatic, which makes me a good team member but I also have the ability to lead a team and to motivate people around me with my positive enthusiasm. I also possess an teachers degree and have lot of experience in teaching and capacity building of forestry professionals. I am bilingual by birth with Swedish and Finnish as my mother tongues, my English and Spanish are fluent. I have a great interest in Latin culture and Spanish language so I am building up my network and seeking business opportunities in Latin America but even in other markets. Besides Latin America I have been working in short term projects and initiating business in Africa, Asia, Russia and Europe. As a forest owner I have a good practical knowledge of forestry and hunting is my great passion. Another of my forest related hobbies is building of traditional wooden houses. .