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Finnish DigiEcoCity Ltd invented the concept of DigiEcoCity™ and brought it to China in 2006. The aim is to create cities in which the innovations of digital technology are combined with the sustainable development. The emission-free DigiEcoCity™ is also planned to produce more energy than it consumes. These cities can only be constructed by combining the strengths and competencies of both Chinese and Finnish companies. DigiEcoCity Ltd has done planning for two DigiEcoCity model cities in China. The first city is Gongqingcheng (Jiangxi Province), and the other one Danyang (Jiangsu Province). More projects and cooperation partners are being sought. The DigiEcoCity concept creates significant business opportunities for the enterprises in the design, construction and operation phases of the cities. Involvement of the Chinese companies with their local competencies in technology and business understanding are a local business and consumer requirement, and are most vital for the projects.. The DigiEcoCity projects are now moving to the stage where the Chinese companies that are willing and able to work with the Finnish counterparts to realize the vision of the model cities are called upon. The projects need counterparts in all the areas; Digi, Eco and City. DigiEcoCity combines three fundamental concepts: DIGI concepts cover integrated, interactive information systems providing access to community services like health care, learning and trade, highly-automated transport, logistics and building systems, and information systems to city management and service production. ECO concepts cover ecologically sustainable solutions providing energy efficiency at both the building and community level, utilizing renewable energies and waste as a source of energy, and recycled materials, security of water supply, and a clean water environment. CITY concepts cover localized proactive urban solutions enabling efficient logistics, new combinations of working and living, and increases in functional diversity making the urban structure more vital and resistant against the impacts of the changing social and macro-economic conditions. DigiEcoCity is a model for an ideal city, combining the principles of sustainable development, the innovations of the digital revolution, and the necessary urban functions, for providing a framework of good daily life in a garden city environment. DigiEcoCity combines living, working, public and private services, culture and leisure within the walking distance. Its scale and details respond to local needs. DigiEcoCity is a humane and ecological alternative to the congested metropolises