Roberto Olivieri
Owner / Founder
at Olitec Consulting

Olitec Consulting
Private company

Sirtori (Lecco)

Expert in:

Technology Design Environment Energy Water Air Materials Processes Construction Mobility ICT

More about this expert:

Olitec Consulting is a company focused on providing tailor-made consultancy services to foreign companies aiming to enter or improve their business activity in Italy. See ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Just scientifically and technically mind oriented, I like to understand how events happening around me are moving on and affecting my life. My curiosity challenges myself everyday to learn more about technology and mechanics. My passion is reverted to hobbies where I can invent, create and repair on my own. This is a good trigger to my ability, it helps me not to chase challenges that cannot be completed. In business, I am not doing different as I said. A good consultant never stops to to learn, and this should come first then teaching. Expert in B2B services for machinery, constructrion, logistics and several industry sectors and energy.