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My professional interests are in environmental and natural resources issues and economics related to them, but I have other profiles, which are described below. Environmental, natural resources and economics: Mr Ikäheimo is an experienced environmental and natural resources expert covering also economics related to these disciplines. The role of Ikäheimo in these projects has been either expert, project manager or coordinator in these projects. The projects have been related to environmental politics, environmental/social/economic impact assessments, valuing of the environment, financial analysis, natural resources utilization and protection studies (e.g. forest resources) and project evaluation and monitoring. The financiers of the project have been both private and public organizations. International projects and strategies: Mr Ikäheimo has a long career with international projects in Asia, Africa and Europe including Russia. He has been responsible for international development aid projects e.g. in Pöyry Environment and Ramboll Finland with a title vice president in sectors of environment and natural resources. The financiers of the projects have been among others the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland (MoFA), the World Bank (WB), GEF, NEFCO, NIB, EIB, HELCOM, DANIDA, EU/DG Environment, EU/Life and EU/Tacis. Mr Ikäheimo has lived several years in developing countries – one year in Nepal and in Kenya. He has lived also two years in USA studying in Seattle and working in the WB in Washington DC. During the year 2013 he made, as a consultant assignments, Internationalization strategy for Sito Oy (a large Finnish consultant company), which was an extensive study about potential markets and resources of the company. Information, publication and editing: Mr Ikäheimo is an active writer of professional articles. He has acted, since the year 2007, the Editor in chief of the magazine Impakti, which is a professional magazine for impact assessment professionals in Finland - the impacts are covering environmental, social and economic impacts of construction and investment projects, strategies, programs and plans. The magazine covers also international aspects of impact assessment. As the Editor of chief he is responsible for the development and contents of the magazine, instructing and managing the writers of the articles. He also writes editorials and articles for each magazine published. He has written large number of articles for other publications and magazines. In 90’s he acted as the Editor of Chief of the magazine Baltic Bulletin of WWF. He is a member of Finnish Association of Science Editors and Journalists. Protection of the Baltic Sea: Mr Ikäheimo is an expert in protection of the Baltic Sea. In the regional sea protection issues has has a long work experience in the Finnish consultant companies and international organizations like the World Bank (WB) and the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF). In the WWF he was responsible for coordination of the Baltic Sea protection activities of the national WWFs of the 9 countries bordering to the Baltic Sea. In the World Bank he made economic assessments for polluted and damaged environment in the Mediterranean region. As a consultant in consultant companies he has made numerous studies related to the Baltic Sea and the Mediterranean protection. One of the latest assignments of Mr Ikäheimo was to identify new environmental protection programs and projects for the Baltic Sea region by request of the Ministry of Environment of Finland.