Alexander Gudovany
at Intersklad Co.

Intersklad Co.
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Finance Technology Design Environment Energy Water Processes Construction

More about this expert:

While studying at the Ukrainian Institute of Water Economy Engineers, Rivne, Ukraine , as well as later, during the postgraduate studies in the Central Research Institute of Water Economy, Minsk, Belarus, took part in a large number of scientific and research works in the field of hydraulic engineering, hydraulics and hydrology. Many of these works had the practical application. An author of patent’s confirmed inventions. Scientific works written in the period of postgraduate education are relate to the matters of renewable energy, the environment, mathematical modeling of physical processes and mathematical statistics. I have the practical experience of construction works in hydraulic facilities construction. Worked in the field of implementation of renewable energy, have own developments. Experience and knowledge were subsequently used for further and continuous use in the business. Much attention has been paid to the influence of production processes on the ecological processes. I have experience in managing the municipal enterprise, including in the field of waste management and maintenance of biological balances in nature. More than 15 years I am holding managerial positions in advisory, project development and fund management businesses. Geographically I have practical business experience in Europe – Belarus, Ukraine, Poland and Czech Republic. I have business education, with emphasis on accounting, finance and environmental sciences. I can help companies with innovative products and services with their business development in Ukraine.